Blessd Outlet Now Open on Ebay


We’ve now got our ebay outlet up and running at and its doing very well.  Our popular styles are being snapped up quickly so click the link and grab yourself a bargain.

We are no longer sure we will be opening an Amazon shop as well as the ebay one is working very well for us.  Its amazing how much ebay has moved on – I’d highly recommend it if you want to set up your own site to sell through as it doesn’t have the hassle and overheads of creating your own transactional website.


Blessd’s transactional website is now closed!


Our old transactional website is now closed.  If you wish to contact us about a purchase you’ve made or want to make please e-mail or call us on 01384 403833.  Please feel free to make any comments on our blog about our service or products you’ve bought from us.

From mid-July onwards we’ll start to sell off our remaining stock at amazon and ebay and will setup links from this blog to any products we have for sale.

We also have an exciting future project in the pipeline in the world of secret support lounge and nightwear for women with a fuller bust so post or mail us any views you have on this subject anytime and watch out for our survey on this subject later in the year.

Grab yourself a bargain – Blessd Website Closure Sale


Massive Website Closing Down Sale

Grab yourself a bargain!!

Our website will close at 5pm on 20th June 2011

Up to 70% Off Many Items

We are sorry to announce that Blessd’s current website www.blessd.comwill be closing down on 20th June 2011.This is for personal reasons as Blessd’s founder Claire Powers has decided to focus on motherhood full time after having a premature baby last year. Her son Luke is doing very well despite spending 5 months in hospital but needs more help and support than an average baby to ensure he develops to his best potential. As a result we are closing the website for the foreseeable future.

Until 20th June we have a massive clearance sale at where we have slashed existing stock prices to clear our warehouse. We have also introduced an Economy Delivery Only option at just £2.50 which would mean you needed to pay postage to return items but if you’re ordering something your fairly sure on or is non-returnable the Economy Delivery option will save you another £1 off our Standard Delivery cost (You need to select Economy Delivery in the Shopping Cart).

After 20th June our e-mails and phone lines will all still be available and our return/exchange process will operate as normal for all items bought before the website closed.

Our website will be replaced with our blog page where we will let you know where any remaining stock can be bought eg. Amazon or Ebay etc.

What a year its been!

17/05/2011 is having a clear out – see our current transactional website for bargains.

Having had my son over 3 months early on April Fools Day 2010 at just 26 weeks and him then needing to be in hospital for a full 5 months, then being at home with an ex-prem baby who has a few issues, its been pretty hard to keep the whole business going.  Somehow I managed it and Blessd is still doing well but its time to clear out some stock and make a few changes starting with a big sale.

New business resolution – will try to blog more often!

Half of secondary school girls considering cosmetic surgery


Isn’t this a terrible reflection on how much pressure the media and society are putting on to young girs?  Whatever happened to making the best of what you’re Blessd with naturally?!  Here at Blessd we think young women’s natural curves are fab and that any girls struggling to get used to a curvy figure should contact us for bra fittings and clothing advice.  We’re West Midlands based and can be contacted via  We stock bras in a 28-36 back and D-GG+ cup sizes which are stylish and young looking and have some great bra solution ideas for the fashion conscious.


One Bra Solution We Won’t Be Recommending For You!! Yuk!


Whilst reading magazines this week as I waited for a filling at my dentists, I came across the most bizarre bra solution I’ve ever heard and I wanted to share it with you to see what everyone else thought. There’s a Breform Breast Lift Miracle which builds an internal bra inside your bust to permanently lift it up! Understandable maybe in some reconsructive surgery, but is it not a step to far for us real women.?!? There are many non-surgical bra solutions for larger busts that aren’t so extreme (and you can choose the position and height of your bra by day of the week – see our bra solutions page for some less drastic but very effective options.

Now back to adding some fabulous new bras to our site.

Well – my way to solve my quests was to create my own company!


At we have scoured the world to find the best bra solutions for a fuller bust!  Check out our website and let us know if you’ve got any questions or are struggling to find anything else.

Quest 1: Find Dress DONE, Quest 2: Find Bra Solution!!


Why is it that whenever you finally find a new dress which will accomodate and flatter your curves and slim waist, you then have to start another quest: to find a bra which will work with it??!!!

At we’ve scoured the world to find bra solutions which will work for those special occasions – see for more details.