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Blessd’s transactional website is now closed!


Our old transactional website is now closed.  If you wish to contact us about a purchase you’ve made or want to make please e-mail or call us on 01384 403833.  Please feel free to make any comments on our blog about our service or products you’ve bought from us.

From mid-July onwards we’ll start to sell off our remaining stock at amazon and ebay and will setup links from this blog to any products we have for sale.

We also have an exciting future project in the pipeline in the world of secret support lounge and nightwear for women with a fuller bust so post or mail us any views you have on this subject anytime and watch out for our survey on this subject later in the year.


One Bra Solution We Won’t Be Recommending For You!! Yuk!


Whilst reading magazines this week as I waited for a filling at my dentists, I came across the most bizarre bra solution I’ve ever heard and I wanted to share it with you to see what everyone else thought. There’s a Breform Breast Lift Miracle which builds an internal bra inside your bust to permanently lift it up! Understandable maybe in some reconsructive surgery, but is it not a step to far for us real women.?!? There are many non-surgical bra solutions for larger busts that aren’t so extreme (and you can choose the position and height of your bra by day of the week – see our bra solutions page for some less drastic but very effective options.

Now back to adding some fabulous new bras to our site.