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Half of secondary school girls considering cosmetic surgery


Isn’t this a terrible reflection on how much pressure the media and society are putting on to young girs?  Whatever happened to making the best of what you’re Blessd with naturally?!  Here at Blessd we think young women’s natural curves are fab and that any girls struggling to get used to a curvy figure should contact us for bra fittings and clothing advice.  We’re West Midlands based and can be contacted via  We stock bras in a 28-36 back and D-GG+ cup sizes which are stylish and young looking and have some great bra solution ideas for the fashion conscious.



One Bra Solution We Won’t Be Recommending For You!! Yuk!


Whilst reading magazines this week as I waited for a filling at my dentists, I came across the most bizarre bra solution I’ve ever heard and I wanted to share it with you to see what everyone else thought. There’s a Breform Breast Lift Miracle which builds an internal bra inside your bust to permanently lift it up! Understandable maybe in some reconsructive surgery, but is it not a step to far for us real women.?!? There are many non-surgical bra solutions for larger busts that aren’t so extreme (and you can choose the position and height of your bra by day of the week – see our bra solutions page for some less drastic but very effective options.

Now back to adding some fabulous new bras to our site.